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MINDJOB Review – Competitive Confusion

MINDJOB is a card game created to mess with your head where players need to quickly say certain colors or words without screwing up. MINDJOB tries to trip you up and get you to say the wrong words so that other players can win the round. It also comes with a couple decks of drinking rules and NSFW game rules to keep things fresh. It’s basically a reason to enjoy some drinks and yell profanities at each other from across the table. (As if you needed an excuse to do that)

The game also comes in a few languages including Spanish, German and British English. So that you can cuss and swear in the dialect you’re most comfortable in.

How to Play MINDJOB

The point of the game is to yell out a specific color based on the text of a card. Players take turns flipping the top card of their deck and then saying a specific color. The cards will have a different color of text, that says the name of a color, with a different color background. Confused yet? You should be.

If you mess up and say a color you’re not supposed to or take too long to answer then another player can slap the deck causing you to take most of the cards that were played.

Types Of Cards

There’s a few rules as to what you need to say when a card is flipped.

  1. If the text is written in black say the name of the background color.
  2. If the text is colored say the name of the color of the text.
  3. If the text is a swear word just say the swear word
  4. If the word is “Fuck” don’t say fuck, follow rules 1 and 2 as if it wasn’t a swear word.

You can probably see how that gets a little squirrely.

If things start to get a little easy flip over a couple of the added rule cards. These will mess around with the game rules to make things harder so each round doesn’t have to be the same.

If you want to add some drinking just add a couple of the drinking rule cards. These are either direct drinking rules or gameplay rules that cause a drink if broken.



MINDJOB strikes the perfect balance between simple yet confusing as hell, it’s a blast! There’s only a couple rules so it’s easy to just pick up and play.

Eventually the game gets easier and everyone starts to make less mistakes but that’s where the drinking comes in handy. Try not stuttering or slurring your words after a few beers. I’m sure the nearby neighbors thought we were running a Tourette’s group home or something with all the drunken swearing we were doing back and forth.

To make things more difficult for ourselves after we started making too few mistakes we added in a couple extra cards and even switched up some of the base rules so that you would have to say different things for each card. Which definitely keeps things interesting.


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MINDJOB itself was a fun time to review. It’s great to throw out at a party to get people talking. It’s especially fun later in the night when players are having trouble mustering regular sentences nevermind this color swapping confusion.