Mex Drinking Game

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Mex is a dice game where players aim to not have the lowest score or else they drink. The first player to roll both dice gets to determine how many throws each player gets. Then each player uses up to that many throws and keeps their highest score. Loser drinks half a glass. This game works with anywhere from 3-8 players

What You’ll Need

Two dice and some drinks

Mex Drinking Game Rules

Whoever goes first gets to roll the dice. They then decide to either keep their score or roll again. They get a maximum amount of 3 rerolls. But however many they use becomes maximum allowed for each player in that round. So if the starting player decides to stop after only 1 reroll than every other player can only have a max of 1 reroll.


  • 2-1 : This is a Mex. The highest score possible.
  • Doubles: All doubles are higher than all non-doubles with the exception of Mex. 6-6 is higher than 5-5 which is higher than 4-4 etc…
  • Non Doubles: These are lower than all doubles or Mex rolls. Their value is the high dice and then the low dice. So if someone rolls a three and a six, their score is 63. The higher the better.
  • 3-1: This is a bunk roll. Any player who rolls this must automatically drink half a cup since this is the lowest roll.

At the end of each round the player with the lowest total must drink half a cup. If it’s a tie the tied players play another quick round among each other to determine who will drink the half cup. If anyone rolls a mex in a round another half-cup is added to the pot. So if a round contains 2 Mexs then it’s worth 1 and a half cups to the loser.


The Mex drinking game is fun and similar to a lot of other games like Mexicali and the German game Schock.