Memory Drinking Game

Big Brain

This game is a drinking version of the classic childhood game Memory. All you need here is a deck of cards and hopefully enough short term memory to remember where some of the cards are. The Memory drinking game is very easy to play and works with anywhere from 1-8 players.

What You’ll Need

A 54 card deck of playing cards (Standard 52 plus the jokers) and then some beers.


Shuffle all the cards and then lay them out face down in a 9×6 square. The 54 cards should make an even square. Then decide who will be going first.

Memory Drinking Game Rules

Play order of this game is clockwise. On a players turn they simply try and flip two of the cards, if they get a pair they give out a drink and then flip again. If they don’t they have to drink and their turn is over.

Special Cards

  • Joker – If a player matches the two joker cards they can pick another player to finish their drink.
  • Ace – If a player matches any 2 of the aces they must shuffle the remaining face down cards and replace them on the table.
  • King – If a player matches Kings they get to give out 4 drinks instead of 1
  • Queen – If a player matches Queens they get to give out 3 drinks instead of 1
  • Jack – If a player matches Jacks they give out 2 drinks instead of 1


The Memory drinking game is simple and fun. If you don’t want to have to remember the face card rules you can just play with the simple rules. The game ends when every card on the board has been flipped. Over all this game is a decent amount of drinking especially if players are ganging up on each other so make sure to pace yourself if you think it’s getting too heavy.