Made In Abyss Drinking Game

Made In Abyss Drinking Game -

The Made In Abyss Drinking Game follows the anime based off of the manga with the same name. In a world somewhat similar to earth there exists a giant chasm known as the Abyss. Nobody has ever seen the bottom and it bears a terrible curse to those who brave it’s frontiers. Treasure hunters and those seeking glory constantly test the Abyss for relics of the past, some with mysterious powers. Riko is an orphaned girl with dreams of one day chasing her mother into the depth of the Abyss, and this dream becomes sudden reality when she meets a relic in the shape of a boy. The two of them venture into the Abyss in hopes of solving it’s mysteries and finding Riko’s mother.


The anime Made in Abyss and drinks.


Players will drink as Riko and Reg descend into the Abyss and encounter various creatures and obstacles. You will also drink for meeting various people and mentioning of things relating to the Abyss. Hard more adds an additional layer of difficulty sometimes forcing players to drink large amounts.

Made In Abyss Drinking Game rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • someone talks about relics.
  • A type of whistle is mentioned.
  • someone mentions the Abyss or it’s curse.
  • You see a new type of monster from the Abyss.
  • Riko gets injured in any way.

Finish your drink whenever:

Riko and Reg reach a new layer of the Abyss.

Hard mode:

For each new person seen wearing a whistle drink:

  • 1 for a red whistle.
  • 2 for a blue whistle.
  • 3 for a moon whistle.
  • 4 for a black whistle.
  • 10 for a white whistle.

The Made In Abyss Drinking Game isn’t all that difficult based on what often occurs, so with that in mind we have added in an additional challenge. Hard mode makes the player drink every time they see a new person wearing a whistle, and they drink according to the type of whistle that person is wearing. As the anime goes on and the pair venture deeper events start to take drastically dark turns. So get ready for this lighthearted adventure to get messed up real suddenly, and hell, you may as well get just as messed up along with it.