Ludo (Parchisi) Drinking Game Rules

The Ludo Drinking Game (Otherwise known as the Parchisi drinking game) takes the classic board game and adds some drinking rules. For those that have never played Ludo it’s basically the original version of the classic board game Sorry except even simpler and it uses a die instead of flipping cards.

The game itself works with 2-4 players but if you wanted to add more you could always play in teams and split up the drinks. The aim of the game is to move all your pieces from the starting spot, around the board and into the finish spot before your opponents can do the same. Typically the game ends when only 1 player has pieces left outside of the finish space.

What You’ll Need

A Parchisi/Ludo board and some drinks for every player.

Ludo Drinking Game Rules

Whenever you land one of your tokens in the finish space, everyone else must drink equal to how many tokens they still have on the board.

Whenever someone runs out of tokens everyone who remains must perform a Waterfall.

When only 1 player remains they must finish their whole drink. If they have more than 1 piece leftover they must pour themselves another drink and finish that one too.

Optional Rule

Drunken Hindrance: At any point someone can make someone else reroll by drinking equal to their die total. This means if someone rolls a 5 any other player can take 5 swigs in order to make them reroll. Might be worth doing near the end when you need to stop someone from winning!


Our Ludo (Parchisi) drinking game rules are pretty simple but hey, so is Ludo! Either way depending on your luck during this game it might cause a lot of drinking so don’t be afraid to take a break if you think you need one. Please drink responsibly.