Lion King Drinking Game

The Lion King Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

The Lion King drinking game will have players drinking to this Disney classic. I’m not going to waste much time describing what this movie is because I’ve personally never met someone who hasn’t seen it multiple times.

So grab a few brews and enjoy this classic children’s tale of death and vengeance.

What You’ll Need

A copy of the Lion King and some drinks. Also there should be at least one hard alcohol bottle available to take a shot of during the death scene.

Lion King Drinking Game Rules

  • Whenever a song starts take a sip
  • Take a sip whenever anyone says “Mufasa”, “Simba” or “Scar”
  • Take a sip whenever you notice an animal pun
  • Drink whenever you hear “Hakuna Matata”
  • Take a drink whenever Nala shows up Simba
  • If Timon and Pumba bro-out take a drink
  • Take a sip whenever a hyena laughs
  • Take another sip whenever Rafiki says something vague

When Mufasa dies everyone pour a shot and down it. Toast to the fallen! (Plus taking this shot might distract people from noticing that you’re crying during a children’s movie)

Bonus Rule: Sing Along!

Whenever a song starts each player has to try and sing along. Whenever someone messes up a word they drink once and are out until the next song. If anyone completes the entire song the other players must toast to them and take another sip.


Our Lion King Drinking Game is pretty intense as all of these rules are sure to come up quite a bit during the movie. As with all drinking games please make sure to use caution and drink responsibly. No need to get yourself sick or worse.