Letterkenny Drinking Game

Letterkenny Drinking Game -

The Letterkenny Drinking Game has players drinking to the show Letterkenny. This show is a satirical comedy about the daily happenings in the fictional country town of Letterkenny. It follows Wayne and his gang as they drink and try to hold their own as the toughest group in the town.

This show makes for a great drinking game because it’s almost created it’s own language by reusing so many phrases that are either common in similar communities or entirely made up by the show. Between the hockey bros, the skids, and the hicks and the Christians this show is always a good time.


The show Letterkenny and drinks. The show should be available on Crave TV.


Players will be drinking for the character tropes as well as all the repeated language and slang in this show. There’s a ton of slang so make sure to have those drinks ready.

Letterkenny Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever

  • Wayne punches someone
  • Someone hits on Katy
  • Katy flirts with someone
  • Jonesy or Rielly repeat what the other one just said
  • Someone takes a drink of alcohol in the show
  • The skids mention meth in some way
  • Pastor Dave says something that makes you question his sexuality


Drink whenever anyone says

  • How are ya now?
  • Dirty dangles
  • Snipe
  • Tilly
  • Soft
  • …the other dayyy
  • Pitter patter let’s get at’er
  • Donny Brook
  • Pump the brakes
  • Texas sized 10-4
  • …Allegedly.
  • Unfortunate


Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone says “Go fuck yourself”
  • Dan tells katy what he appreciates about her


This Letterkenny drinking game is easy enough but can be tricky to follow because of just how often every character uses these phrases. Feel free to add any common phrases you hear into the rules as well if you come across any. Either way this game will be a whole lot of drinking.