Let’s Go Camping Drinking Game Rules

Despite the name the Let’s Go Camping drinking game actually has nothing to do with camping. It’s a vocal game where players take turns trying to guess which location the first player has secretly chosen. It can be either played as a drinking game or just a regular party game, but like a lot of party games it’s always a little better with some liquor involved.

This game supports any number of players but for the sake of making it a bit more fun we suggest playing with at least 4 people.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is some players and drinks. Easy enough!

Let’s Go Camping Drinking Game Rules

First players decide who is starting the game. The starting player must think of a location in private. Then the game can commence.

The first player says “I’m going camping and I’m taking a _____”. Fill in the blank with something that could be brought to the location that that player thought of. For example if the player chose “movies” they could say “I’m going camping and I’m taking a bag of popcorn”.

Then in turn each other player says the same with a different object to bring. The starting player decides if the object makes sense or not in that location, and if it doesn’t they drink.

After everyone has gone, each player other than the starting player whispers which location they think they’re playing at. If they are incorrect they drink. If everyone is incorrect they must all finish their drink.

After each round whoever had the WORST guess gets to start the next round. The starting player reveals the location and everyone can decide who brought the worst object and made the worst guess at the location.


The Let’s Go Camping drinking game is a great ice breaker for parties. It gets a little hard to follow after a few drinks so it’s a better game to start off a party than end it. As always though please be careful when drinking. Don’t overdo it and take a break if you think you need one.