League of Legends Drinking Game

The League of Legends drinking game -

League of Legends is consistently one of the most popular games both for players and for spectators. There’s massive global tournaments and it’s developed a huge following. But sometimes you want to just kick back and enjoy yourself and that’s what the League of Legends drinking game is all about. LoL is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which means the premise is to take down the opponents main tower(the nexus).

With this games massive success as an ESport and massive catalog of legends to choose from there’s tons of variance to keep things fresh. But after a few drinks what should be an easy display of decision making suddenly gets a bit harder.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is to log on to league of legends and jump into a match. Preferably unranked if you don’t want to tank your ranking and upset your team mates. Don’t worry LoL is free to play so you don’t have to spend anything to play this drinking game. Then just grab a drink and follow these simple drinking rules.

League of Legends Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink once every time one of your teams towers are destroyed
  • Drink once every time one of your teams champions are killed
  • Drink three times whenever an inhibitor is destroyed
  • If you lose the game you must drink 5 times. Additionally you must finish your entire drink if your team has failed to destroy any of the opponents inhibitors.


Bonus Rule:

This one only works if you’re playing against human players and not A.I.. Drink every time someone flames or insults someone in the chat.


Veteran players of the game will know just how brutal that last bonus rule can be. So only use that one if you’re ready for the potential of some serious drinking. Either way the League of Legends drinking game can be pretty hefty so make sure you take a break if you need one and please drink responsibly.