Late Night Stories – The Party Game That Keeps On Giving

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The Late Night Stories game is a casual storytelling game that forces players to come up with wacky stories based on some hilarious topics. Each turn someone is tasked with trying to come up with a story that includes 7 nonsensical topic cards and then the other players judge how well they did.

This great icebreaker game is the perfect way to spice up your night with wacky stories about “A Wise Old Seer With A Craving For Pot Pie” or “Janet Jackson At The Superbowl”. So just open the box, deal out some cards, and let the good times roll.

How It Works

The goal of the game is to try and string together a cohesive story with a number of insane topic cards.

At the start of the game each player is given 7 topic cards to form their hand, and 3 voting cards.

Each turn players play topic cards face down until there is 7 in a pile. Then whoever’s turn it is picks up the cards and begins crafting a tale.

They are given a few minutes to try and come up with a story that includes all of the elements that were given to them. This can prove a monumental task when you’re trying to connect “An Ice Cream Truck With No Ice Cream” with “A Boat Full Of Refugees”.

Once they are done each of the other players must now vote on how well they did. They must use one of their voting cards to cast a vote. Once done the player who told the tale can count their votes and see how their storytelling skills hold up. Then each player replenishes their voting and topic cards for the next round.

Once everyone played a couple rounds it’s time to tally up the scores and find out who the ultimate storyteller of the group is!

Late Night Stories Review

The overall simplicity of this game makes it a great casual hangout game. Just throw it on the table and let the hilarity begin. Perfect for enjoying a couple beers and having a laugh.

At first we were a bit skeptical about the rating system. Given how random it could be. But we soon decided that the randomized rating cards keep the game light so people don’t get too caught up in the competition. Which is definitely a good thing for this type of game.

Honestly this game is entertaining before you even start playing it. The cards are hilarious and each come with a quirky little comic panel. So even before you play the Late Night Stories card game everyone is already in a good mood.

The only time the game really lulls is between turns as players come up with their stories. But there’s a number of additional rules that can keep it interesting like switching off story tellers each couple cards.

Overall this is one of the funniest card games out there, as long as you have the right group of people. Coming up with clever ways to tie in some of these outlandish story cards is pure joy. We recommend it to anyone who’s looking to spice up their next game night. With tons of replay value and a very simple premise, this should be part of everyone’s collection.