The Last Man On Earth Drinking Game

The Last Man On Earth Drinking Game -

The Last Man On Earth is pretty much what it sounds like. This show follows Phil, the last man on the planet, as he tries to find another form of life and retain his sanity. Struggling on the brink of brink of insanity Phil finally finds carol, the last woman on earth to share his time with. But what happens when the only people left on worth aren’t compatible at all?

Our Last Man on Earth drinking game will have players drinking for every time Phil is seen drinking and all the things that recur during this series.


Any episode of the show The Last Man On Earth and a few drinks of choice.

The Last Man on Earth Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Phil takes a sip of alcohol
  • Someone breaks glass
  • Phil crosses something off with his marker
  • Someone has a flashback
  • Someone talks to god
  • Carol tells Phil to obey some arbitrary law or rule
  • Anyone screams or yells
  • Corrects someone’s grammar
  • Someone mentions the virus

Finish your drink whenever

A new survivor makes a first appearance.


The Last Man on Earth drinking game is a fair amount of drinking. The extra survivors show up once in a while. Please as always remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you enjoyed this drinking game you might want to check out our American Vandal drinking game!