Lasers Drinking Game

This game is really easy to grasp but also easy to mess up and wind up drinking. Like a lot of other vocal games this one is about performing a simple task and drinking if you mess it up. The Lasers drinking game is all about quick thinking which only gets harder with each passing beer.

What You’ll Need

All you need is some drinks and anywhere from 3-8 players.

Lasers Drinking Game Rules

First everyone needs to sit in a circle or around a table. Now whoever starts points some finger guns to the player on their right and makes a “BZZZT!” noise.

Now this player has one of two options.

They can either pass the laser on by doing finger guns to their right and making the “BZZZT!” noise. Which passes play to the player on their right. or they can “Block” the laser by raising their left hand in a fist. This returns play to the player who just went before.

Players can not “block” twice in a row.

If anyone messes up or takes to long they drink and the game restarts.

If anyone points at someone telling them to drink they must join them as drink as well.

If someone says another players name or says the word “drink” they must drink.


The Lasers drinking game takes the time honored tradition of taking a simple task and adding alcohol to make it difficult. With each passing sip this game will get a little harder to follow. If it’s getting a bit too easy however players can feel free to come up with new actions on ways to reflect the laser or bonce it back. This game doesn’t involve all that much drinking but you should still exercise caution when playing a drinking game.