Klask – The Table Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

Klask Review by The Chuggernauts

In the world of table games to play at parties, there’s almost always the same options. Foosball, Table Hockey, Ping Pong or Billiards. Well, Klask might just change that with one of the most innovative table games we’ve ever played.

This mini magnet game is small enough to fit on any table, so it’s great to transport to parties and social events. Just set it on the table, get each player to grab a magnetic paddle and you’re off to the races.

What is Klask?

Klask is a 1 vs 1 table game where each combatant uses magnets to control their paddle and score points on their opponents. On the surface the game seems simple, however with four different ways to score the strategy of the game begins to shine.

The game comes with a score counter, magnetic paddles, a plastic ball, and small magnetic cylinders called Biscuits. The objective of the game is to be the first player to six points. Points are earned in one of four ways;

Ways to Score

  • Sinking the ball – This is probably the most common way goals will be scored in Klask. If the ball ends up in your opponents goal area, that’s a point.
  • Falling into your goal – If you manage to mess up and land your paddle into your own goal, that’s a point for your opponent. So be careful around your net!
  • Losing control of the paddle – If you get a little over-excited and knock over your own paddle or shoot it across the board, that’s a point for your opponent.
  • Getting 2 Biscuits attached to your paddle – Throughout the game a number of the little magnets will be knocked around the board and get magnetically attracted to the paddles. These can be used offensively to score points, because if your opponent winds up with 2 of the 3 biscuits attached to their paddle then you score a point.

Klask Review

A heated Klask rally

Usually when we play mini table games, we find ourselves wishing we were just playing a full size table game, so we approached Klask with cautious optimism. What we were delighted to find out was that this small package packs a serious punch. We started playing immediately and I don’t think we stopped all night.

Klask is a game that could have some serious competitive value. Initially we weren’t sure why a game like this needed multiple scoring mechanisms, but it quickly became clear why the Biscuits add layers of strategy to the game. From offensively shooting them at your opponent to simply using them to make openings in their defense. The more we played, the longer the rallies went, the more people’s individual play-styles began to show.

One thing that could be tricky, is sometimes the biscuits or ball get launched around the room. (especially if there’s drinking involved). So make sure to play in an area where a small white cylinder would be easy to spot, or grab some extra Klask pieces in case some get lost.

We ended up setting up a few tournament brackets and playing for at least a few hours. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we universally agreed that it was one of the best products we’ve reviewed. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, it’s a great way to liven up a party. A great alternative to traditional table games.