Kirby’s Avalanche Drinking Game

Kirby's Avalanche Drinking Game

This Kirby’s Avalanche drinking game was made as a request to someone online. For those who have never tried it (shame on you) Kirby’s Avalanche is a puzzle game for the SNES. It’s a 1v1 game but we’ve created rules to make things a little more interesting for the players and spectators.

What You’ll Need

The great puzzle game Kirby’s Avalanche for the SNES and some drinks of choice.

Kirby’s Avalanche Drinking Game Rules

Before any game starts each competing player roll a die. (Or use any other kind of way to randomize a number form 1-6, like taking 6 cards out of a deck.)

  • 1 – Red
  • 2 – Green
  • 3 – Blue
  • 4 – Yellow
  • 5 – Purple
  • 6 – Black/Hallow

As the game goes on, whenever a player matches the color they rolled they yell “Drink!”. The opponent must stop and take a sip immediately. (For the black/hallow ones, just do whenever any of them get cleared since they don’t match together)

If spectating players want they can also roll a die for themselves, and simply drink whenever they notice their chosen color matched on whichever side of the board they choose. Spectators can also double down and watch both sides of the game for their colors if they choose.

At the end of the game, the loser drinks equal to the number of rows remaining from the top of the board the opponent had left. This game has 12 rows, So if the opponent beat you and his board was only 6 rows high, you’d be stuck drinking 6 times. (12 minus 6 equals 6).

If there’s a lot of players playing this game we suggest running a tournament style knockout bracket to keep everyone more involved.


Our Kirby’s Avalanche drinking game can prove to be quite a bit of drinking so if you need a break consider sitting out a few rounds as a spectator. As always please remember to drink responsibly. If you liked our crazy retro drinking games, we suggest taking a look at our Excitebike drinking game!