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KinderPerfect – Finally an Adult Party Game for Parents

We got a chance to test out this game recently, it plays out like Cards Against Humanity with one major twist. It’s geared towards parents and their daily struggle to keep a smidgen of sanity in their lives. In this KinderPerfect review we outline how to play the game and how much we liked it. Plus we made some drinking rules if you happen to be one of the lucky few who don’t have to drive the kids home tonight.

How Do You Play?

This game has two types of cards, red cards and white cards.

The red cards are prompts about the craziness in the life of a parent such as “____ is worse than stepping on lego” or “Daddy’s Worst Nightmare”.

The white cards are answers to those prompts such as “Another Damn Fundraiser” or “That Crusty Sock”.

Each player gets 10 cards and takes turn being the judge. The judge reads out a prompt and then everyone else submits a card. The judge then picks their favorite answer and whoever’s it was gets a point.

There’s also some awesome optional rules included in the booklet too such as being able to exchange cards for new ones ONLY if you agree to whatever the next kid who comes to the table asks for. So you might be rethinking how valuable those cards really were when little Ethan asks if anyone wants to make him some craft dinner.

KinderPerfect Review

This is one of those games that really needs to be played with the right group of people. And that group is parents. So if you know a good group of parents who could really use a night to lighten up and enjoy themselves this game is perfect.

This game is pure and simply good fun. Plus you might end up learning some embarrassing truths about other parents as this game is sure to bring some out some stories that nobody was ready to hear.

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KinderPerfect Drinking Rules!

In true Chuggernauts’ fashion we figured no game is complete without some optional drinking rules. We broke them up in to two categories, gameplay and outside rules.

Gameplay: These are rules pertaining to the game itself. 

  1. Whenever your card is chosen, choose someone else who’s drinking to take a sip.
  2. Whenever you don’t understand a card and have to ask the group, take a sip.
  3. At the end of the game drink for how many points you had less than the winner.

Outside Rules: These are rules pertaining to the kids running rampant as you try to play this game. 

  1. If a kid asks when you’re going home, take a drink.
  2. If a kid asks for something out of the fridge, take a drink.
  3. If a kid cries or goes full-tantrum, take a big chug.
  4. If any of these instances are your own child, take an extra drink to prepare for the mental battle you’re about to have.


All in all we recommend this game to any parent who knows the trials and tribulations that come with raising a kid. There’s so much laughing and joking that happens during KinderPerfect that you’ll almost forget that it’s your child’s bedtime and they’re about to start rampaging like sleep deprived gremlins.