Killer Ace Drinking Game

Shady Ace Dude

As the name implies, the Killer Ace drinking game is a game where players will suffer some pretty high drinking penalties if they get drawn an Ace. This is a game of complete chance where players are all dealt cards and then the highest drinks, plus there’s more drinking for ties or if players are dealt flushes or straits. This game works well with anywhere from 3-6 players.

What You’ll Need

1 standard shuffled deck of cards with the jokers removed and some drinks

Kill Ace Drinking Game Rules

First a dealer is chosen who deals everyone a card face down, including themselves.

Once every has a card at the count of three everyone flips it. Whoever has the highest card (aces high) needs to take a sip of their drink.

If there’s a tie both players drink and then they have a tie-breaker round. For this all the players who tied draw a new card and play a new round, this time the loser takes 2 drinks. If there’s more ties then another round happens worth 3 drinks, and so on… If anyone draws an Ace during a tie-breaker round they have to finish their entire drink.

Additionally during the course of the game if ever 3 players or more in a row get a straight (numbers in succession like 4,5,6) or a flush (all cards the same suit) then all those players take a sip.

If ever a straight flush happens between 3 or more players (This is when the cards are both a straight and a flush) then all those player must now finish their drinks.


The Killer Ace drinking game is all good and fun until someone draws that dreaded Ace in a tie-breaker round. So it could end up with a lot of drinking for one or two players in particular, please make sure to drink responsibly.