Juni Taisen : Zodiac War Drinking Game

Zodiac War Drinking Game -

The Juni Taisen : Zodiac War Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime based off of the light novel of the same name. Twelve warriors each based off of one of the Zodiac animals are brought together to fight a winner take all battle royal. Whoever happens to win will be granted any one wish that they desire. Pretty basic as far as premises go but don’t let that fool you, the action and character building are actually quite good.


The anime Juni Taisen : Zodiac War and drinks.


Players will drink for various common occurrences throughout the show. Each player will also select a character to survive. They drink for their character’s rule and when their character dies they will finish their drink. When a person’s selected character dies they will select a new one while also drinking for all of their previous character’s rules.

Juni Taisen : Zodiac War Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • There is a flashback.
  • One of the zodiac are killed.
  • Someone uses a special ability.
  • Someone starts to inner monologue.
  • Anyone makes an introduction.
  • Whenever someone mentions the Juni Taisen

The Zodiac’s drinking rules:

In addition to the regular rules players will also select one of the twelve Zodiac before you begin watching this show. Whenever any actions listed under your Zodiac occurs you must drink one. If your selected person dies you must finish your drink and select a new Zodiac. Drink for the rules to your new Zodiac and each previous one you’ve had.


  • The Chicken: Whenever you see birds.
  • The Monkey: Peace is brought up in any way.
  • The Rabbit: Anyone mentions friends or allies.
  • The Rat: A Zodiac is seen sitting or laying down.
  • The Dragon: Severed limbs or a weapon is fired.
  • The Snake: Anything is on fire or a dirty look is given.
  • The Sheep: A bomb is visible or there is an explosion.
  • The Dog: Any attack without a weapon, internal strategics.
  • The Tiger: Fan service, anyone drinks or talks about drinking.
  • The Horse: Someone suddenly is there or anyone acts weak.
  • The Boar: Someone underestimates their opponent or laughs.
  • The Ox: A weapon is brandished or anyone mentions how strong someone is.

Players will all drink to some of the same basic rules. Otherwise the most fun to be had with the Juni Taisen : Zodiac War Drinking Game comes from picking a favorite to win it all. I’d suggest picking before watching any of this show at all, to really have some people get screwed. There is also plenty of surprising deaths so nobody is ever really safe. Place your bets and grab a few drinks while you’re at it.