Jugs Drinking Game


The Jugs Drinking Game is easy to play and works really well in a pub setting. It’s similar to a lot of other games like Depth Charge. This game works with anywhere from 2-10 players. The idea of the game is to add some of your drink to a glass that’s floating in a pitcher, and hopefully not sink it. Whoever sinks it drinks it.

What You’ll Need

A pitcher, a glass, and loads of beer. For best results a short glass works.

Jugs Drinking Game Rules

To set up the game someone needs to fill up a pitcher about half way. And then a cup is also filled about half way. Put the cup gently into the pitcher so that it’s floating. If you’re having trouble making it float try filling the glass only 1/4 of the way to the top.

Now players take turns pouring as much or as little of their drink as they want to into the glass that’s floating in the pitcher. Whoever makes it sink has to drink the whole thing. The glass and the pitcher.

If at any point the cup sinks due to someone knocking the table or otherwise messing it up, they are the loser and must chug the pitcher.

This game rewards the player with the most steady hand. Which means as you get drunker it gets way harder. If you’re playing in a bar or club you can add insult to injury and make the losing player pay for the next round as well.


The jugs drinking game is great to play at the bar because most bars will have pitchers and cups ready. Although as far as drinking games go this one can be pretty devastating for the loser. So please drink responsibly and if you think you’ve had enough stop.