Jormungand Drinking Game

Jormungand Drinking Game -

The Jormungand Drinking Game will have players drinking to the anime based on the manga of the same name. Super violent and action heavy Jormungand is centered around Koko Hekmatyar and her band of body guards. Koko is an international arms dealer who has a bad penchant for getting into armed skirmishes. Between selling weapons and war the ever joyous Koko always remains calm and cool. What is her goal and why can she remain so calm with such a dangerous job? Grab a few drinks and get ready to kick some ass with the Jormungand Drinking Game.


The Jormungand anime and drinks.


Players will be drinking once during each of the following tropes; typically during the many action scenes. Players will also be finishing their drinks when a member of Koko’s team gets shot.


Jormungand Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone pulls out a gun or a knife.
  • Something explodes.
  • Koko acts out of place. Throwing tantrums or smiling in odd situations.
  • Someone swears.
  • A country or continent is mentioned.

Bonus drinking rule:

  • Drink one whenever someone speaks with a bad accent. This only occurs in the dub for obvious reasons.

Finish your drink whenever:

Someone from Koko’s team gets shot.


Comparable to most other drinking games the Jormungand drinking game doesn’t have many rules. This is because every drink one rule happens many times in almost every episode. Be it the high concentration of gun fights, or Koko constantly smiling and just acting bizarre. This is made even worse if you managed to get a hold of a dubbed version of this show as there are a lot of foreign accents used.

As the finish your drink rule would imply, Koko’s band of bodyguards aren’t bulletproof. Even though they do get injured more than usual for main characters they still have godly luck when it comes to dodging bullets. Whichever side is getting shot matters little so get ready to down a few drinks and enjoy the gunfights.