Jingle All The Way Drinking Game

Jamie coping - the chuggernauts

The Jingle All The Way Drinking Game will have players drinking to the classic family Christmas movie “Jingle All The Way”. Now when people think of family friendly actors to play sappy fathers in a Christmas film usually the first image to pop to their heads isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. But somehow despite that this movie turns out to be a gem.

Jingle All The Way follows the workaholic Howard LangstenĀ  (Schwarzenegger) as he tries to rectify his reputation to his family by getting the hottest toy on the market (Turbo-Man) for his kid for Christmas. This movie touches on the materialistic nature of modern Christmas as Howard slowly but surely learns the true meaning of the holiday.

Between threatening an officer with a mail bomb and the attempted robbery and arson of Howards neighbor’s home this movie makes for a great drinking experience. So grab a few beers and get ready to watch a gigantic Austrian man bumble his way through toy stores in search of the elusive Turbo-Man.



The movie “Jingle All The Way” and drinks.


Players will drink every time one of the main characters performs one of their many repeated actions of phrases. Additionally players will have to down a full drink when Jamie finally receives his Turbo-Man.

Jingle All The Way Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone says “Turbo-Man”.
    • Drink double if it’s yelled
  • Ted hits on someone
  • Someone gets hit with something
    • Drink double if that person should have died
  • You hear a Christmas song
  • You hear “It’s Turbo Time!”
  • Howard lies to his wife
  • Myran threatens violence

Finish a full drink or take a shot when:

  • Jamie finally gets his Turbo-Man


The Jingle All The Way Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy yourself while watching some good ol’ fashioned slapstick comedy. With the sheer number of times characters narrowly escape death in this movie it makes for a great way to enjoy a few drinks with family or friends this holiday season.