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Intuition Drinking Game

The Drinking Game Intuition is great card game for up to 10 players. The overall objective of the game is to guess what your card is before the other players guess theirs, hoping not to be the final player to get their card right. One player will opt to be the dealer, who does not need to drink. So this is perfect for anyone who’s not drinking to join in the fun.


A deck of cards and some drinks for every player. Plus another full drink for the losing player to have to chug.

Intuition Drinking Game Rules

The idea of this game is that each player has to try and guess their card before the other players can guess their own.

In this game each card has a value equal to it’s number. Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13.

First a dealer is chosen, he is responsible for telling the players when they need to drink.

Then each player draws a card, holding it up to their forehead without checking the value of the card. This way everyone else can see their card but they cannot.

Now the dealer flips the first card for everyone to see. He then tells every player who’s card was equal or higher than that card they need to drink once.

Rounds continue like this until someone decides they know what their card is. They can then take a guess, if they’re correct they win and are out of the game. If they are incorrect they must drink 5 times and continue. Players only get one guess per round at the end of every round, but can choose not to make a guess.

Whoever is the last player to correctly guess their card loses the game. They must chug a full drink as punishment.

After each game feel free to switch dealers so someone else can have a break.


Intuition is a great party drinking game for large groups of people. It starts to get pretty tense near the end of the round. But please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.