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Imagination Drinking Game

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The Imagination Drinking Game is for groups of players that love creating rules and making things interesting. The basic premise of this card drinking game is that there isn’t any static rules for the cards until players make them. This game works great with any number of players so the more the merrier. It plays out sort of like a game of King’s Cup where the players are in charge of making the mini-game rules.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a piece of paper, a pencil,  two decks of cards and of course drinks.

Set Up

To start this game remove all of the clubs from one of the decks of cards. Then shuffle both decks together. There should now be two full decks minus 13 club cards. Then place all the cards in a pile in the center of the table and players should gather around it.

How to Play the Imagination Drinking Game

The rules to this game are simple. Someone shuffles the decks and then players gather in a circle around the cards. Then players take turns flipping cards in a clockwise order. Get that paper and pencil ready.

If a player draws the “Club” of any card they get to make a rule for that card for the rest of the game. Now whenever anyone else draws that same value of card they must follow that rule. So initially none of the cards have rules until a player draws the “Club” to create one. The rules can be anything the players can think of like “Blonde players drink 3 times” or “Play a game of truth or dare with an opponent”. Get creative. Make sure to write them down because players are bound to forget.

The game ends when all the cards have been flipped. Keep in mind drawing a card that has not had it’s club drawn yet has no effect. So at the start of the game you’ll be tossing away a lot of useless cards which is why it’s better to have two decks.


The Imagination drinking game is exactly as fun as the company you keep. So if you’re with the kind of people who like to make things interesting this drinking game is a must.