I Went to the Market

Drinking Games For One Person -

This game is great for anyone who thinks they have a pretty good memory. Which is usually nobody after a few beers. The basic principal of the game is just to remember what everyone got, and in what order, before adding an item to the list yourself. The I Went to the Market drinking game is best played with around 6 players, but really can be played with any amount.


All you need for this game is your beautiful voice and a drink in case you end up messing up.

I Went to the Market Drinking Game Rules

Before the game starts make sure everyone is sitting in a circle or around a table. Then decide who is going to start the game. Once that’s decided the player who starts must say “I Went to the market and bought a _____”. Where the blank is whatever item they want that can be bought at a market, such as a bottle of water.

Then the next player clockwise must repeat the phrase, and then add on their own item. For example “I went to the market and bought a water bottle, and a Nissan Ultima”.

Play continues clockwise, with each player reciting the full list and adding on their own item at the end.

If ever a player messes up by not saying the items in the right order, or missing one, or just generally screwing up, they must take a big chug of their drink and the game restarts. The player who messed up will be in charge of starting the next round.


As far as word drinking games go this one is really easy to understand and play. If you’re looking for something a touch more complex we suggest trying out Cheers to the Governor. As always please remember to drink responsibly.