The ‘I Think You Drink’ App – A Great Social Drinking Game

The “I Think You Drink” App is a great new team drinking game by App creators Peter Spadalik, Alex Koroglu, Ryan Kriftcher. Unlike most other drinking games on the market this one focuses on team play. Meaning if you picked a bad partner you might be in for a lot of frustrated drinking. So for those who prefer the competitive nature of team drinking games like Beer Pong or Flip Cup, there really is no better choice than this app. Best of all it’s completely free!

The game supports up to 8 teams. Which is great because that’s a maximum of 16 players so it’s a good fit for smaller groupings or even large parties.

How to Set Up the Game

First thing you need to do is download the game from the apple app store. You can find it here. Don’t worry not everyone needs a copy of the game, just one person, plus it’s free so there’s no reason not to! Then everyone just needs to get their drinks ready and get ready for some fun.

Once all the teams are entered in the game you’re ready to begin. The first team to reach 21 points wins.

“I Think You Drink” App Rules

This game is pretty straight forward as most of the cards will simply tell you what to do. You’ll have to work closely with your partner to answer questions or complete challenges. Correct answers result in points and potentially putting your team in the lead, and incorrect answers lead in taking drinks. So at least if you’re losing you’ll be having fun doing it!

Types of Questions

This app comes with four unique styles of questions to keep things interesting, timed questions, select-answer questions, challenge questions and group drinking questions

Timed Questions

These tense questions have teams trying to answer questions before a timer runs out. Success means points and giving out sips. And failure, you guessed it, means taking some drinks.

Select Answer Questions

The player with the phone must select an answer to the question and then the other player has to take a guess at which answer was picked. Team mates who can get on the same wave-length will have a good time here, and those that aren’t better be ready for some drinking.

Challenge Questions

Challenge questions are some of the more ridiculous and hilarious questions that will come up. These often involve truth or dare type questions that team mates can either attempt or forfeit. These can get pretty crazy at times.

Group Drinking Questions

These group drinking questions don’t usually reward anyone with any points. They are often “never have i ever” type questions that will be asked to the group. Anyone who has done that thing must take a sip.

Our Verdict

First let’s just say the interface for this app is very smooth. There’s never really any question to what you should be doing. It’s not bombarding you with options or settings, just clear and easy instructions. Which is ideal for any app drinking game. Especially if you’re too drunk to comprehend anything too complex.

The game itself is very interesting since unlike most other apps we cover it actually forces players to work in teams. Which will help keep people socializing and enjoying themselves. It’s pretty hard not to have fun playing this game.

Overall the “I Think You Drink” app is an awesome and unique way to have a few drinks. It keeps players interested by offering a ton of different interesting cards. Games go by fairly quick normally but can really drag on if there’s 6-8 teams but it’s always interesting so that’s not a bad thing. Either way this app is a great way to spice up any kind of party!