Hurdles Drinking Game


The Hurdles Drinking Game is basically a beer chugging race out of an ice cube tray. It’s a 1-on-1 drinking game where players compete to see who can drain their side of an ice cube tray first through a straw.

What You’ll Need

An ice cube tray, a beer for each contestant, and two straws. This game works with any size of ice tray as long as it’s even on both sides, really just depends how much you’re ready to drink.

Hurdles Drinking Game Rules

Before the game starts each of the two players must fill their side of the ice cube tray with beer. Let the foam cool down and make sure each side is full.

At the count of 3 both players start the race to see who can drink their side of the tray first. The players must drink through the straw and they must finish each space before moving on to the next. A ref could be used to make sure each cube is empty and neither player is wasting beer.


The hurdles drinking game is great for beer Olympics or any kind of drinking competition. It usually uses about 1 beer per player. It’s common to see this kind of game in a bracket format where players continue to compete 1 on 1 until only one player is crowned the victor. As with any drinking game where chugging or racing is the goal please remember to drink responsibly. It’s easy to drink too much so make sure to take a break if you think you need one.