Hungry Hungry Hippos Drinking Game

For all those with fond memories of this game we’ve found a way to bring it back into our lives with the help of our good friend Alcohol. The Hungry Hungry Hippos drinking game will have players racing to down as many of those balls they can and then downing their drink if they cannot.

Basically the goal is to play as normal, trying to get as many of the mini ping pong balls as possible. Except in the drinking version there’s one added ball that you want to avoid gulping at all costs otherwise you’re going to have to take a shot to drown your shame.

This game is typically 4 players but if you wanted to play with more just swap out the loser of each round.

What You’ll Need

A copy of the classic children’s game, some drinks and a bottle of something to take shots of. If players would rather they can substitute the shots with a small glass of beer to chug. Then you’re going to want a sharpie to mark up one of the balls.

Setting It Up

Before you start grab that marker and mark up one of the small balls, make sure it’s noticeable. Then simply set up as normal giving all the players an equal amount of balls.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Drinking Game Rules

this game basically carries out as normal with a few added drinking rules.

  • At the end of each game, each player must drink the difference between how many balls they got and how many the winner of the game got.
  • If at any point someone swallows the marked ball, they must either take a shot or chug a small glass of beer. This has to be done immediately which will only make it harder to catch up to the other players.
  • At the end of each game the player that got the most balls gets to launch the marked ball next round, they can put it in wherever they want in their lineup.


The Hungry Hungry Hippos drinking game is simple and fun as hell. If players want to up the ante they can add in more marked balls to make things a little tougher. But as with any drinking games please make sure to drink responsibly.