How’s Yours

The How’s Yours drinking game is easy to play and works with any size group of people. Basically players just come up with an item and the guesser has to figure out what it is by asking people “How’s Yours”? It’s a great game to get the ball rolling at any type of drinking event.

Setting It Up

This game doesn’t require any additional items other than a drink for the guesser. Once someone is chosen to be the first guesser they must leave the room, or put on some headphones or something so that they can not hear or see the other players.

When the guesser can not hear or see the other players, they now get to come up with an object. It must be an object everyone owns. Such as a “Refrigerator” or a “Television” or even something abstract like a “facebook account”.

How to Play the How’s Yours Drinking Game

Once everyone is decided on word, they can go get the guesser. The Guesser should not know which word was chosen.

From there the guesser may only go around asking different players “How’s Yours?”. Whoever they ask must answer truthfully, in a way that won’t give it away completely but is also a different than the answers of the other players.

Every time the guesser asks someone “How’s Yours” they must take a sip and take a guess at what the word is. If they are correct they win, and they get to choose who guesses next. If they are incorrect they must continue to go around and ask other players.

If however the guesser asks every single player and never figures it out, they must get down on one knee and chug a full drink.


The How’s Yours drinking game relies a lot of players simply playing fair. Try to give hints that are useful instead of saying stuff like “It exists”.