How to Play Amy Winehands

The Amy Winehands drinking game is the sister-game to the popular game Edward 40Hands. Basically all this game entails is taping two wine bottles to your hands and not taking them off until they’re done. It starts off pretty easy but as the night progresses you’ll start to notice just how hard some tasks become (like going to the washroom.)

What You’ll Need

Two bottle of wine for everyone participating in the game. We suggest something with a bit lower alcohol content like a Sangria. Then you’re going to need some duct tape and you should be good to go.

Amy Winehands Rules

To kick this game off everyone is going to have to help eachother out to take the bottles to their hands. It gets pretty tough to do it by yourself. Ideally if someone isn’t joining in the game they could help out here.

Once everyone is loaded up then the game can begin. Nobody is allowed to take a wine bottle off of their hands until it’s finished. Leaving you pretty useless until you get at least one of the bottles done and free up that hand.

First player to finish both bottles wins the game, but the losers aren’t off the hook yet. So the slower drinkers will still have to walk around with the bottles until they finish them to get them off.


The Amy Winehands drinking game is a great way to kickoff any party and make things a little more interesting. If you like these fun drinking challenges we suggest taking a look at a little game called Wisest Wizards. It should be noted that games like this can lead to a lot of drinking so make sure to drink responsibly. There’s no shame in bowing out if you think you’ve had enough.