How to Plan your first House Party after Lockdown

The current Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. But sooner or later, things will begin to return to normal and people will once again be able to have parties. Humans are social beings and often aspire to engage in social activities such as film nights, hiking, meeting up for coffee, or parties. These social activities can be important for mental health. Having a good social network through social activities or robust community bonds enhances emotional and physical health.

Governments across the globe have imposed lockdowns with the aim of curbing the spread of the virus. These are important in slowing the spread of Covid 19 until enough people are vaccinated to safely open back up. Once it’s safe to do so, you might want to get some friends together to unwind. Here is a guide to help you plan a successful house party.

Guest List

Deciding on who is attending the house party after a lockdown is an important task. In fact, it is a critical one that needs to be taken very seriously in order to adhere to the healthcare protocols and have a fruitful social event. You should organize the guest list before sending the invitations. The list can change depending on how people RSVP. Make sure to follow your local guidelines on capacity and safe social distancing measures.

The guest list will depend on the location capacity, the budget allocated for the house party, the types of food and drink to be served, music, among other things. It won’t be fair to prepare a long guest list with a low budget.


When invited to any party, you expect it to be filled with fun and satisfaction. No one wants to be part of a party that is lifeless and dull. Whether a simple coffee party, a get-together, a house party, or a casino themed party. You can get some inspiration for slot games and design at Platin casino slots.

A theme sets the mood of the party and makes decoration easy. Each theme creates a unique feel linked to it and can be sustained throughout the party. If each element of the party such as the venue, decorative items, food, and costumes are in sync with the theme, the attendees’ mood will be propelled. It is also critical to ensure that your music selection matches the theme.

Decide Your Budget

After lockdown many budgets have become constrained, and you cannot organize your finances without setting a budget. Even though you might have a general concept of how the house party will be and how much to spend, but with no hard and accurate figures, you can lose control of expenditure. Ultimately, you can run into financial troubles.

In short, deciding on the budget will help you manage spending, monitor expenses, and save more. While writing down the budget, you should consider the number of invited guests, the different meals, and other aspects of the party such as the sound system.


Having a house party after a lockdown requires meticulous and careful planning. The plan should focus on the guest list, the theme of the party, and the budget. The guest list will help you narrow down on who will attend the party and who can’t as well as the budget. When you have the number of guests attending the party and the types of meals, you can easily plan on having a theme at the party to set the mood of the party and make decorating easy.