How to Do the Warm Beer Prank

the warm beer prank

This one isn’t really a drinking game as much as it’s a way to prank your friend who thinks they’re playing a drinking game. So everyone except for one poor sap needs to be in on the game. Decide carefully who you’re going to prank, pick someone gullible yet with a good sense of humor. The Warm Beer prank is pretty easy to pull off but the hard part is keeping a straight face while doing it.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a can of beer, a lighter, and a victim.

How to Do the Warm Beer Prank

First things first. Decide who the victim of this prank will be. They have to think they’re just playing a drinking game.

Next get someone to explain the “drinking game”. They should tell everyone that the game involves holding a lighter to a beer can for 5 seconds, effectively warming it up. Then they make a pattern on the player to their right’s forhead with their finger. The person who has that pattern drawn on them must have their eyes closed (this is important for the prank!).

Once that person has their pattern drawn on them they must now try to copy the pattern on the next player. This goes in a circle. anyone who messes up drinks!

If anyone laughs they must drink the beer that’s been heated up with the lighter.

Now for the prank…

After a couple rounds once everyone has built up their trust it’s time to prank the victim. Next time they have their eye’s closed waiting for a pattern rub your finger in the soot that has been created from the lighter and use that to make a big black pattern on the victims head.

The Warm Beer prank continues until someone bursts out laughing. That’s probably a good time to tell the victim to check in the mirror and see what a mess everyone made on them.