How To Detox After Drinking Games

We all enjoying spending time with our friends at social gatherings, be a birthday, a sporting event, or maybe you just need a night to let loose after a long week. Lets face it, we all get there. If you’re anything like me, you enjoying indulging in some drinking games throughout the night, which can be a blast but can also get you pretty damn drunk… pretty damn fast. (especially if you’re on the losing end) So, although you’re having what’s undoubtedly a great night, you’re most likely going to be hit with a pretty killer hangover. Not as fun, right? Here are some tips to help you make your hangover a little more manageable so you don’t have to utter the famous, (and blatant lie) “I’m never drinking again”.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash


This one is pretty simple, back to the basics, Folks. You just spent all night drinking alcohol and dehydrating and quite frankly, abusing your body. Fill yourself up with some much needed nutrients. There are many ways you can do this; eat some fruit or drink some fruit juices, grab a big bowl of healthy nutritious soup. The salt from the soup will boost your electrolytes witch will fill your body with minerals which will retain fluids and expel toxins. Mix all that with consistently drinking water throughout the day and you’re bound to detox to a more manageable hangover. Your body will thank you later for giving it what it needs to heal.


Having a big cup of coffee when you start your day after a long night playing drinking games, can really help your energy levels even if only just for a short while! There’s plenty of options when it comes to coffee from Cappuccinos Pilates, and even options that include almond or soya milk for those of us who can’t tolerate dairy, you will be sure to find something that can set you up for a long day ahead. Not only this but a warm drink can bring you back to the real world no matter what the contents. You may wish to avoid the busy coffee shop though if you have a hangover.

Let’s face it, sometimes the only thing that can get us up after a night of heavily hitting the drinking games is a nice hot cup of coffee. It may not be a great long term plan but it can absolutely give you the immediate energy you need to pursue whatever you may need to do in the morning. Pound back a couple coffees, or some cappuccinos and you’ll be more than ready to get started on whipping up a fruit smoothie or getting that soup started. If you aren’t ready to face the world yet, you may wanna avoid the coffee shops and grab hold of a home brew instead.


So, at this point you’ve had your coffee, got some good nutritious food in your belly, done whatever it is you needed to do, now we can move on to the most important step, (and my personal favourite) REST. Your body is tired and more than anything just needs some rest, so grab some snacks, grab a drink and curl up on the couch with your favourite show or movie. Rest is key to an easy hangover recovery so don’t be afraid to sleep your day away. As long as you have nothing else to do, it’s time well spent.

You don’t have to stop going out with your friends, having drinks or playing drinking games. Just take care of yourself. Just follow these steps and always make sure to meet your bodies needs, cheers.