How About A Snake Drinking Game?

Anyone remember that classic javascript game where you move the snake of cubs over to the next cube which causes you to get longer and longer until you crash? Well we went ahead and made a drinking game for it.

The snake drinking game is easy to understand and play just like the game itself. Since Snake requires a lot of good timing it makes for a great drinking game since people tend to get worse and worse as the night marches forward. This game works with any number of players but we suggest playing with 4-10 otherwise you might end up waiting too long to get to your turn.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game you’re just going to have to find a client of the Snake game online. Many exist all over the web so pick your favorite. We suggest the version over at since it allows you to select difficulties you can start on hard and then work backwards as people slowly lose their coordination.

Snake Drinking Game Rules

Rules are simple. Someone is elected to set the bar and then everyone else takes turns trying to beat it. Whoever fancies themselves the best snake player can start.

To start someone plays the game on any difficulty they want. Counting the total length of their snake as it goes.

Now everyone else takes turns trying to beat that score until someone beats it. Everyone who scored lower must drink the difference between their snakes length and the person who set the initial score. (if it’s 10 or more just finish your drink).

Once someone beats the score they can pick someone else to set the score for the next round and it continues as before.


The snake drinking game is always a good time but make sure to not overdo it. Please drink responsibly.