Home Alone Drinking Game

Home Alone Drinking Game

The Home Alone Drinking Game is for people who are in mood for a tale about a bratty child and his horribly neglectful parents. This movie follows Kevin McCallister as he wakes up in a home all by himself. Somehow his parents have reached Paris before realizing they forget Kevin. From there Kevin is faced with the oddly comical task of fending off a couple of robbers until his parents return. Between the flurry of insults and slapstick comedy this movie makes for the perfect drinking game during the holiday season.


The first Home Alone movie and drinks.


Players will drink every time one of the following recurrent events happens. Additionally players will finish their drink each time the statue in front of the McCallister house is hit by a car.


Home Alone Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one everytime

  • Someone insults someone or says something mean
    • Drink 2 if it’s directed at Kevin
  • Someone gets caught in one of Kevin’s traps
    • Drink 5 if it could be considered ‘Attempted Murder’
  • Kevin screams
  • Someone opens a door slowly
  • Kevin says the name of one of his family members. (This includes “Mom” and “Dad”)
  • Kevin eats junk food
  • Anyone mentions Christmas
  • Someone gets scared and runs
  • The burglars refer to themselves as burglars. (or any variation of that such as bandits, catburglars etc…)
  • You see the cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan
  • Someone is on the phone

Finish your drink when

  • The statue in front of their house is hit by a car


By my count the statue in front of their car gets hit 4 times throughout the movie. First by the pizza delivery guy, then the airport shuttle, then the delivery guy again, then by the cops.


The Home Alone Drinking Game is a great way to spend the holidays and get your buzz on in the process. This game kicks off to a pretty quick start with the massive number of insults the family throws at Kevin and it keeps pace for most of the film. So grab some friends and family this holiday season and get ready to have a few laughs.