Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Drinking Game

Home Alone 2 Drinking Game -

Our Home Alone 2 Drinking Game will have players drinking to the second installment in the Home Alone series. it follows Kevin McCallister as he, once again, finds himself separated from all his family and loved ones on Christmas eve. Left to fend for himself in New York he steals his fathers credit card and makes the best of it, that is until the robbers show up.


It may seem like we just copy pasted a lot of the rules from our drinking game to the original Home Alone movie, but that’s just the way the rules turned out because this movie is almost entirely the same as the first. But hey, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. So grab a couple drinks this holiday season and watch Kevin dodge criminals in a foreign city due to another case of horribly reckless parenting.



Home Alone 2: Lost In New York and drinks.


Players will be drinking to the recurring tropes in this movie. Additionally players will finish their drink when the statue in front of the house is hit or they notice a certain president.


Home Alone 2 Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one everytime

  • Someone insults someone or says something mean
    • Drink 2 if it’s directed at Kevin
  • Someone gets caught in one of Kevin’s traps
    • Drink 5 if it could be considered ‘Attempted Murder’
  • Anyone mentions Christmas
  • Someone gets hit on the head
  • Kevin buys something frivolous with his dads money or credit card.
  • The concierge sucks up to someone
  • Kevin uses his tape recorder
  • You notice pigeons. Only drink once per scene with pigeons, don’t get yourself killed at the scene where he calls them all in with bread.

Finish your drink when

  • The statue in front of their house is hit by a car
  • You notice a background character who later becomes the president of the Unites States of America.


Much like the first movie, Kevin gets insulted or ridiculed a lot in the opening scene of this movie so make sure to have those drinks ready early on. Plus players will be finishing their drinks a few times for the statue in front of their house getting hit by a car and by noticing the cameo by a young Donald Trump.