How To Play The Hitler Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a more PC drinking game you might want to look elsewhere. For everyone else there’s the Hitler Drinking Game. This game was created by a group of UK students and is meant just to be good fun and not taken too seriously.

It plays out similar to Kings Cup or Circle of death except with more WW2 related mini-games for the cards flipped.

What You’ll Need To Play

A deck of cards, a pint glass, some drinks and a less than stellar sense of judgement.

Set Up

Place the pint glass in the center of the table. Next shuffle the deck of cards and then place them face down in a swastika shape around the pint glass. You can overlap cards if you want to.

Hitler Drinking Game Rules

Once ready decide on someone to play first by playing the mustache game. Last player to put their finger in front of their upper lip loses and must start the game. Now players just take turns in a clockwise order flipping cards and doing what is said on them.

  • Ace –┬áHitler’s Steinkrug. Fill up a quarter of the central mug with your drink. Once the fourth Ace is pulled the game is done.
  • 2 – I Am Become Hitler. Whoever drew this is the new hitler. Everyone must refer to them as Mein Furer, any failure to do so results in a drink.
  • 3 – If it’s red take three drinks, if it’s black give out 3 drinks.
  • 4 – If it’s red take 4 drinks, if it’s black give out 4 drinks.
  • 5 – Polish Invasion! Hold on to this card. At any point the holder of this card can yell “Invasion!” and the last person to touch the ground drinks.
  • 6 – Subject – Whoever draws this must think of a subject related to the ww2. Such as “weapons in ww2” or “races that Hitler hated”. Players take turns coming up with a new thing that fits in the subject. Anyone who fails to do so or repeats one that has already been said loses and takes a drink. Then the game is done.
  • 7 – Mustache Game. Once drawn the last player to put their finger to their upper lip to mimic Hitler’s tiny mustache drinks.
  • 8 – Pulling out of Russia. Reverse direction of the game
  • 9 – Heil Hitler Game. Whoever draws this must do a Hitler salute to their right. The next player does the same. At any point someone can instead opt to say “Heil!” and switch hands and heil in the opposite direction. Once someone messes up they lose and must take a drink. The game is done.
  • 10 – Hitler’s Blessing – Use this card at any point in the game to negate any drinks you were supposed to take (except during the holocaust).
  • Jack – Rule card. Anyone who breaks this rule drinks.
  • Queen – People who would fit Hitlers ideal master race drink.
  • King – Dropping the bomb. Pound back the rest of your drink.

The Holocaust

Once the last ace is drawn it triggers the holocaust. Whoever drew it must pound back the entire pint glass while everyone else salutes them.

The Hitler drinking game is not for those with heightened sensibilities. Please drink responsibly.