Hilda Drinking Game

Hilda is a cartoon that aired on netflix in 2018 that really blurs the lines between childlike imagination and reality. The show follows Hilda in her fantastic adventures. Whether it’s making new friends or  saving a village of minurature elves it’s always entertaining. Now this might not immediately seem like the most likely candidate for a drinking game but we went ahead and made one anyway because well, it’s what we do.

What You’ll Need To Play This Drinking Game

All you need to do is queue up any given episode of Hilda and get a few drinks ready.

Hilda Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Whenever Twig whimpers and hides behind his tail
  • Hilda sketches in her book
  • You notice some ambient instrumental music start up in the background
  • Anyone says Hilda
  • Someone sheds a tear
  • A new unique creature is shown on screen
  • Wood Guy brings in some wood
  • Hilda’s mom gets worried about something
  • A somber indie song starts to play in the background
  • Someone asks Hilda what she’s doing

Simplified Mode: If you wanted to you could instead ignore all these drinking rules and just drink whenever Hilda asks a question. In this show it’s about every third sentence of hers.


This Hilda Drinking Game is a bit of a wildcard. Depending what episode you end up with it could either end up being a lot of drinking or very little. Seeing how different most of the episodes are from each other. So please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think that you need one and make sure to never drink and drive.