Hide the Joker Drinking Game

This is a game that we came up with a little while. The goal of the Hide the Joker drinking game is to not end up with the joker at the end of the game. What happens is players pass around cards and try to get rid of the joker and run out of cards. Whoever ends the game with the Joker in their hand loses the game. This game works with any number of players but in our opinion it works best with anywhere from 3-8 players.

What You’ll Need

A full deck of cards with 1 joker included and drinks for each player. Plus you’ll need hard alcohol to give a shot to the loser at the end of the round.

How to Play Hide the Joker

Players take turns in a clockwise order playing cards. Most cards have no effect but there are some cards in the deck that will do stuff. The ultimate goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards without acquiring the joker. All cards are discarded after playing except Jokers and Kings which are given to another player.

2-9 – Nothing Happens. However if you happen to play the same card as the person before you then play switches directions and that person must drink for a number of seconds equal to the card.

10 – Reverse the turn order.

Jack – Switch hands with another player.

Queen – Choose another player and take a card from their hand.

King – Give this card to another player face down.

Ace – If someone tries to give you a card you can reveal an ace to refuse the card and make them keep it. Their turn ends and the Ace is discarded. You can also play this card normally on your turn for no effect.

Joker – Give this card to another player face down.


If you run out of cards or your hand only has Kings in it you can reveal your hand and you’re now out of the game. Discard those kings. Anyone who is out of the game can not be brought back into the game.

When all players are out of the game except the person with the Joker than that person loses. They must take a shot of an alcohol of the groups choosing.