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Hide and Seek Drinking Game


This game takes a regular old game of Hide and Seek and adds a boozy element to it. The goal here is to stay hidden long enough to down your beer and win the game. So if you have a shit hiding spot you better make up for it with some inhuman drinking skills. This game works with any number of players as long as there’s at least 3 of them.

What You’ll Need

A big enough space to play hide and seek and an unopened drink for each player. Make sure everyone is drinking the same quantity of alcohol, as in everyone has 1 can or 1 bottle. Then you need some really thin straws to drink out of. It’s important that they are thin so that players take a while to finish their drink. Coffee stirring straws work for this quite well.

Hide and Seek Drinking Game Rules

First everyone must decide who is seeking. Then everyone else is hiding. Players get 30 seconds to hide with their closed beers while the seeker closes their eyes.

Once the game begins all the hiders can crack their beers and start chugging through their straws.

The hiders job is to find everyone as quick as possible. Once someone is found they stop drinking and put their beer on the table just as it was.

If anyone finishes their beer first they are declared the victor. Everyone comes out of hiding.

If everyone is found before anyone finishes their beer the winner is the person who drank the most while hiding.

After the round is done everyone finish their drinks and then get a new fresh unopened beer for the next round. The first player who was found is the new seeker.


Our Hide and Seek drinking game gets funner as the night goes on because it becomes increasingly difficult to find creative spots and chug from the straw. Be careful though it’s easy to get light headed while chugging through a straw so make sure to take a breather once and and a while.