Hell Comes to Frogtown Drinking Game

Hell Comes To Frogtown Drinking Game -

The Hell Comes To Frogtown drinking game has players drinking to this odd semi-pornographic film starring Rowdy Roddy Piper. This movie is best described as a prolonged porn intro that never actually makes it to the sex.

After what is essentially the cold war actually happening the world is left with low populations and many people suffering from various forms of radiation poisoning. With these circumstances the good ‘ol USA needs to make babies to have a larger population in order to finish the war. Basically the world is on it’s last threads and it’s up to Sam Hell to date rape every woman left on earth and repopulate the planet. This sounds really awful, but everyone in the movie is okay with it, so don’t dwell on the premise too much.


The movie Hell Comes to Frogtown and drinks.


Players will drink as various unfortunate things happen to Sam’s junk. They will also drink as people try to procreate or even mention sex.

Hell Comes to Frogtown Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Sam gets his dick zapped.
  • Someone threatens Sams dick.
  • Someone tries to seduce Sam.
  • Sex or reproduction are mentioned in any way.
  • Anyone gets hit in the junk.
  • Sam avoids getting laid.

Additional Rule:

  • Players will also have to chug their drink for as long as Sam’s chastity belt beeps. This occurs as long as Sam is too far away from Spangle.

You must be thinking “wow almost all of these drinking rules have to do with Sam Hell’s dick!” Well the thing is his dick is key to most every major plot point in the movie so yeah, most of the rules are based around his junk. Otherwise there is the whole repopulate the earth thing so sex and reproduction are just brought up quite often either way. Simple and funny is the way to go here. May as well have a few drinks to a wrestling legends junk.