Happy Ninja Star Drink Fun Time

Happy Ninja Star Drink Fun Time Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

The Happy Ninja Star Drink Fun Time drinking game is a hilarious game where players try to throw cards and get them to land face up. The name alone should be good enough reason to try this game out.

What You’ll Need

All you need in this game is a deck of cards and a group of players around a table. Then some drinks.


Players aim to throw a card into the center of the table and have it land face up, If they succeed then the next player either needs to do the same or they must drink half of the value of the last card thrown. There’s also a few special rules for face cards, and ties result in players having to yell the name of the game.

Happy Ninja Star Drink Fun Time Rules

First a dealer shuffles the deck and deals all the cards out to each player as evenly as possible. Players don’t ever look at their cards, just leave them in a face-down pile in front of them.

Play starts from the left of the dealer and goes clockwise.

Players take turns throwing a face down card into the center of the table and try to get it to land face up.

  • If it lands face down, nothing happens.
  • If it lands face up, then the next player must try to get their card to land face up or else they drink half the value of the previous card. If they succeed then it’s passed to the next player until someone fails and must drink equal to half of the value of the highest card that was successfully thrown face up that round.
  • If the card lands off the table, the player who threw it must drink and go pick it up to throw again.

Face Card Rules

If a face card is thrown successfully, then do what it says on the following chart instead of making the next player drink.

  • Jack: Jacks are cheers cards. Everyone drink!
  • Queen: Thumb card. Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks.
  • King: Waterfall! Start a waterfall.


If ever there is a tie and two players throw the same face up card, everyone at the table must quickly say the name of the game. The last player to do so correctly must drink equal to the FULL value of the card.


Happy Ninja Star Drink Fun time can either be very little drinking or a ton, depending how good you are at throwing cards. If players are finding it too easy they can always make it so everyone has to throw their cards across the room instead of onto the table.