Hammered Hearts Drinking Game

Hammered Hearts

This one is simple. It takes the classic card game Hearts and adds some drinking rules. The game typically supports up to 8 players but you can stretch that if you need.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks for every player.

Basic Hearts Rules

If you already know how to play the game of hearts, feel free to skip this section for the drinking rules.

The object of hearts is to the player with the lowest score. Once someone reaches an agreed upon score the game ends and the player with the lowest wins.

Cards are dealt to each player face down until the deck is run out and each player has an even number of cards. If there’s an uneven number of cards to deal take some cards out so that it’s even.

The player holding the 2 of clubs starts the game by laying it down. Then play is passed clockwise.

On a players turn they must play a card of the same suit that is higher than the last one played. If you cannot play a higher card of that suit you must throw out a card of a different suit. Once nobody can play on the card whoever played the highest of that suit takes all the cards. (not in their hand but next to them). They then start the next round with whatever they want.

At the end of the game every player scores a point for every Heart they have and then an additional 13 points if they have the queen of hearts.

Hearts Drinking Game Rules

  • You discard a card, you drink.
  • You take a heart in a trick, you drink.
  • You take the Queen, you finish your drink.
  • At the end of the game every player except the winner must finish their drink.


The Hammered Hearts drinking game will have you finishing a beer or two every round so make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need.