How To Play The Halloween (1978) Movie Drinking Game

A Halloween 1978 Drinknig Game by

This drinking game is for the 1978 horror classic Halloween. This hack-n-slash film is one of the most iconic ones of all time. It’s got everything you can expect from a 70s horror flick: blood, boobs, high school drama, and more boobs. It follows the deranged serial killer Michael Myers as he takes his revenge on an innocent group of kids for what happened to him in the past.

This drinking game should make sure you calm your nerves enough to make it through this movie. Just try not to spit up your drinks when you’re caught screaming at all the jump scares thrown about this movie.

What You’ll Need To Play

  • The original film in the Halloween series. (The 1978 one, not the 2018 remake)
  • A few drinks
  • A few pals

Halloween (1978) Movie Drinking Game Rules

In order to really set the mood for this film we suggest dimming the lights so you can really tell when your friends jump out of their seats.

Take a sip whenever

  • Someone goes topless
  • Anyone screams in horror
  • Michael Myers is seen walking around, unnoticed
  • Anyone makes a phone call or is seen on the phone
  • The main theme music begins to play

Take a big chug whenever

  • Someone actually dies
  • Anyone says “Michael Myers”
  • You actually get scared from one of the jump scares

Finish your drink when Michael gets his come-uppins.

Intense Mode! If you want to really amp-up this drinking game try chugging for as long as the theme music plays every time it comes on. 


This halloween (1978) movie drinking game is a great way to get spooked and a little tipsy at the same time. However you should always exercise caution when playing drinking games and keep it in moderation. If you liked this game check out our massive collection of movie drinking games!