GutterHead Review, Impressions and More!

Gutterhead is like a dirty version of Pictionary with a whole lot more cock drawings. Dicktionary if you will. Rather than drawing simple things like cats or teddy bears you’ll have to draw more specific things like TeaBagging or Donald Trump. The aim of the game is simply to reach the end of the board before the other players by correctly guessing the topic first.

How To Play

First everyone divides into teams. This can either be done randomly or by picking team-mates if you think you’re on the same wavelength as someone else.

Once teams are decided then it’s off to the races. Every team gets a game piece (a little rubber poop because why not?) to place on the starting space. One thing everyone should know is that unlike Pictionary this game involves everyone playing at the same time. So the faster you can draw and convey a message the better, since the guessers can look at everyone’s drawings and not just their teammates.

Each round teams alternate who’s drawing and who’s guessing. Once all the drawers are ready they grab their white boards and start scribbling away in a mad-dash to get their teammate to guess the topic correctly. Whoever wins the round gets to move up some spaces on the game board and draw the next topic card.

Gutterhead Review!

Given that this game has 240 unique cards in it we already know it has a ton of replay value. For anyone who loves drawing games this one is a great. It’s the dirty cousin of Pictionary that’s perfect for pre-game drinks or just getting a good laugh out of your friends.

One minor setback is because of the nature of the game everyone is drawing as fast as they can. So you rarely end up with any detailed crude drawings after a round. But that’s not really a problem because it makes sure everyone stays focused to try and win the next round.

The Gutterhead game is both hilarious and simple. So it’s easy to just whip-out and play at any event. It pairs well with a few drinks too and even comes with it’s own optional drinking rules which make it awesome for parties. Whether you’re pre-gaming, post-gaming, or just plain gaming then Gutterhead is a great way to kick it up a notch.