Guess Who Drinking Game

Guess Who Drinking Game -

Our Guess Who drinking game raises the stakes in this classic exercise of process of elimination. For those who have never played Guess Who the idea of the game is to find out which character your opponent has chosen by asking questions about their appearance. The first player to successfully guess their opponents pick wins the game.


The game Guess Who? and drinks.

Set up

Set up the game as normal, flipping up the 24 game pieces and selecting one of your own.


In this drinking game players play the game as normal. Drinking each time they make poor guesses and finishing their drink if they lose. There’s also an optional rule to allow players to avoid question in exchange for taking a few drinks.

Guess Who Drinking Game Rules

  • Every time you make a guess at one of the attributes and the opponent says “No”, take a drink.
  • If the opponent says “Yes” they must take a drink.
  • If anyone tries to guess the character by name and is wrong they must drink 3 times.
  • The player who loses the game must finish their drink

Optional Rule : Pleading the 5th

At any point in the game a player may choose to plead the 5th. In order to do this they must take 3 drinks but they don’t have to answer the opponent’s question. The opponent gets to ask a new question in it’s place but it has to be different then the previous one.


The Guess Who drinking game is only a lot of drinking if you use the optional rule and try to dodge every question that could cause you to lose. It’s a great way to take this simple game and make it a bit more exciting. Each game only lasts a few turns each so it goes by pretty quickly.