The Ultimate Guardians Of The Galaxy Drinking Game

This Guardians of the Galaxy drinking game was made with the first movie in mind but should work just fine with any film in the series. This series follows a group of characters who’s only really combining element is their need to kill Thanos and prevent the infinity stones from getting into the wrong hands.

These movies are wildly entertaining and introduce Thanos to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus Pratt’s comedic interpretation of Starlord and his ragtag group of guardians make this movie a great choice to enjoy a few drinks to.

What You’ll Need

A guardians of the galaxy movie and some drinks.

Guardians of the Galaxy Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Groot says “I Am Groot”
  • Drax takes things far too literally
  • Someone dies or gets incapacitated
  • Starlords mask comes on or off
  • Rocket Raccoon says or does something dickish
  • Starlord hits on a non-human character
  • Anyone mentions Thanos by name
  • Somebody picks up the orb
  • Any of the guardians are seen drinking in the bar scene
  • A song from the 70s or 80s starts playing
  • Raccoon is demeaningly reffered to as some kind of animal like vermin or chipmunk.

Take a big gulp whenever anyone grabs the Infinity Stone

If you’d rather inject some drinking rules into another super hero movie; we also made a Marvel Cinematic Universe drinking game that works with any franchise in the MCU including the Avengers films. As with any drinking game this is all in good fun and nobody should be drinking to excess or exceeding their limits. Please drink responsibly so you don’t end up in a barfight over the inferiority complex that comes with being an anthropomorphic raccoon.