Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game

Grey's Anatomy Drinking Game -

Grey’s Anatomy is a drama about a medical team that consistently finds themselves dealing with outlandish medical situations. It focuses just as much on the lives of the doctors as the actual operations they have to perform. This show is a very entertaining way to look at what life as a doctor might be like if they only dealt with intense operations and banging each other, which is why it makes for a great drinking game. The Grey’s Anatomy drinking game has players drinking for all the ridiculous conversations the characters have, the constant sexual tensions, and their need to discuss their private lives at the most inopportune moments.


All you’ll need for this drinking game is any given episode of Grey’s Anatomy and a few drinks. Then simply drink whenever you run into any of the drinking rules in the next section.

Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • There’s sexual tension
  • There’s a kiss on screen
  • A surgery is a success
  • Someone delivers a motivational speech
  • Someone uses a metaphor
  • One of the characters uses a medical term that you don’t understand
  • Anyone cuts off another character when they’re trying to talk
  • Someone brings up personal issues at a very inappropriate time
  • Anyone is physically or verbally abusive to one of the doctors or nurses
  • Someone is seen drinking alcohol. Take a sip for every sip they take.
    • Take two sips if that character is taking a shot
  • A soft song begins to play in the background
    • Drink again if it’s a weird indie cover of a popular song
  • A patient dies

Finish your drink whenever

  • One of the main cast members cheats on someone
  • Someone says a surgery is impossible, but they succeed anyway


This Grey’s Anatomy drinking game can start to pile up pretty quickly once you realize just how often there’s long winded monologues packed with multiple metaphors. So please make sure to drink responsibly.