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The Grammy Awards Drinking Game

The Grammy Awards Drinking Game -

Our Grammy Awards drinking game will have players drinking to each and every category during the Grammys. These award shows showoff the best in music over 84 general voted categories as well as another four major categories. This game has players guessing which of the nominees will win every category and then drinking if they’re wrong, as well as higher stakes for the “Big Four” categories. So if you think you know what’s going to win this should be easy right?

What You’ll Need

For this game all you’ll need is a few drinks and your wits. So grab a few brews and get ready for the Grammys drinking game. If anyone wants a jump on the competition a full list of Grammy Nominees is typically available online a couple weeks before it airs.

How To Play The Grammy Awards Drinking Game

Whenever any of the minor categories nominees are announced, each player must pick one. If they are incorrect they have to drink.

The Big Four

The Big Four categories in the Grammys are Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. When any the nominees for any of these categories come up each player must bet a number of drinks. This can be anywhere from 1 sip to a full beer/drink. If they are incorrect they have to drink that much, however if they are correct they can assign someone else to drink that much.

If you wanted to kick this game up a notch try adding in our Acceptance Speech Drinking Game and drink whenever any of the common tropes of a predictable acceptance speech come up.


The Grammy Awards Drinking Game is simple but makes it a little more intense when you’re so certain someone is going to win just to watch them get snubbed. If players want to level the playing field a bit they can make it so only one player can pick each nominee and take turns picking. Overall it can be a lot of drinking especially if you’re the overconfident type so make sure to drink responsibly.