Give And Take Drinking Game

The Give And Take Drinking Game is an drinking version of truth-or-dare using playing cards. This game is better suited to the end of the night when players have already had a few drinks and might be more willing to share some risky truths.

This game also allows for players to drink a number of drinks based on the card flipped instead of having to do the truth or dare. So that means players can always opt out of doing something in favor of taking a few more drinks.


A deck of cards and drinks

Set up:

First a dealer is chosen. He or she must now shuffle the cards and deal 4 cards face-up to each player. Then with the remaining cards the dealer makes two separate rows of 6 cards each in the center of the table, face down.

Give And Take Drinking Game Rules:

The two rows of card in the center of the table represent the “Truth” row and the “Dare” row. Also each card down the row increments the amount of time you need to drink for. First card is 2 seconds, second card is 4 seconds, third card is 6 seconds etc…

From here play proceeds by flipping cards one-by-one in alternating fashion. After each flip if any player has a card matching the number of the flipped card he must perform a Truth or Dare (depending which row) or drink for accordingly (depending on the position of the card in the row) for a number of seconds.

Truths or Dares are generally decided by the group in the fairest way possible.

Alternate rules:

  • Doubles: If a player has double of a card that is flip they can instead assign another player to perform the truth or dare.
  • Aces: Anyone who is dealt an Ace in their hand can create a drinking rule
    • If an Ace is flipped from one of the face down rows everyone must drink for that number of seconds


Give And Take is one of the greatest ice breakers as far as drinking games go. Especially since more timid players can opt out of doing the tasks and instead just take some drinks.