Give One, Take One Drinking Game

This is one of the easier drinking games out there. The Give One Take One drinking game is a card game where players are each dealt 4 cards and then whenever a card is flipped that matches their card then they either give or take sips if they have that card. Pretty simple stuff. The dealer in this game doesn’t do any drinking. It works with any number of people.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks for every player.

Give One, Take One Drinking Game Rules

First a dealer is chosen. Typically the host or someone who doesn’t feel like drinking much. They then shuffle the deck and deal every other player 4 cards face up. The rest of the deck is placed on the table next to the dealer.

The dealer starts by asking the player to their left “Give or Take?”. The dealer then flips the top card. If anyone has a matching card then they either give or take a sip (depending what the player to the left answered). If they have multiple of those cards then they drink or give drinks multiple times.

The dealer can choose how much players may give or take in the next round. It can be anywhere from 1 to 4 sips.

After this the next player is asked give or take and another round is played. This continues until the entire deck has been flipped. At which point a new dealer is chosen for the next round. Reshuffle and deal the cards for the next round.


This game is very easy to play and teach so it’s a great choice for large groups who don’t want to sit around debating the rules. The Give One, Take One drinking game involves a good amount of drinking so please remember to drink responsibly.