Give Me Money Or I’ll Kick Your Cat!

No really, the name of the game is “Give Me Money or I’ll Kick Your Cat”. It’s a card matching game where you put together loose threats by rolling the dice and playing the matching cards. We got a chance to test out this game recently so we wrote out a quick overview and review (we skipped the drinking rules since this game comes with it’s own!).

How To Play

The mechanics of this game are extremely easy. Everyone is dealt 8 cards (2 from each deck) and they take turns rolling the two game dice. Each card has a letter or number on it, as does each die. So whenever the dice are rolled the roller tries to play cards that match that letter/number combination.

What makes this game more interesting than your average matching game is that when combined the cards form a threat to yell out to the other players (well… most of the time).

If the player rolls the dice and cannot play a card then the other players get a chance to play a card matching the roll if they have one.

The aim of the game is to end up with the most tokens. When someone gets threatened and can’t rebuttal then they roll a die and lose tokens equal to what the die shows.

Give Me Money Or I’ll Kick Your Cat Review

As much as it pains us to look at someone’s hard work and say “meh.” we’re going to have to be honest here. At best this is a loosely thrown together card matching game with the addition of some makeshift threats that most of the time end up being gibberish anyway.

As much as we wanted to like this game based on the hilarious name and the promise of making creative threats over a few beers; it was simply not very entertaining. Right up front the artwork was sub-par and the rulebook had a good amount of spelling errors that made it hard to understand at first. Usually that stuff is easy to look past if the core game is good but the mechanics aren’t very fun or strategic and since you can’t usually pick the exact threat you want to make you end up with a bunch of nonsense.

The good side is it came with some drinking rules so at the very least we got to get a buzz on and devolve into picking out cards from the deck to make coherent threats from. Which was a good time.